For those interested in guaranteed radio exposure we have the following options:  Air play for song or 10 second drop twice at any time of the day.( No calls to action) $25.00

Air play for song or 10 second drop at least twice between hours of 7am-12am. ( No calls to action) $30.00

Promote song, or 10 second drop twice during peek hours.7am-10am, 5pm-7pm (No calls to action) 8 slots available daily on a first come first serve basis $50.00


Please Submit all songs to the following email along with the name of the song and name of person submitting the payment as well as the artist name and Twitter handle if available so you are notified when your song airs in real time. 

Would you like to get your music on the air but don’t have clean radio edits?  We can help, just click on the button below and pick the package that best fits you.

Radio Edits Available Here

Send songs to be edited to the following email along with the name of the song, artist and name of the person the payment was made from name.

Our FM programing in Miami is brought to you courtesy of the following Non Profit radio stations in South Florida: 101.1 WDVS, 101.1 WDKK and 101.1 WRIZ .  We rely on public support to remain on the air and to expand into more areas.  If you would like to help us stay on the air and continue expanding into more cities then please feel free to donate.  GridlockRadio is the peoples radio station and the reason to listen to the radio again.



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